Three Rivers Pressure Testing & Pigging

Hydrostatic pipeline
testing tailored to fit your project needs



Hydrostatic pressure testing (Hydrotesting) is the industry standard method of testing the integrity and longevity of pipelines and vessels. Pressure tests pinpoint material defects or workmanship flaws on new lines and reveal degradation or weaknesses in aging pipelines. 

Post-construction pressure testing verifies adequacy of pipeline materials and construction methods. DOT regulations require pipeline operators to periodically conduct integrity assessments of certain pipelines which can be accomplished with our certified Hydrotests.

Three Rivers offers pipeline testing tailored to your specific needs;

  • Pressure recordings - Redundancy recording methods to suit DOT needs;
      > Chart pressure and temperature recorders
      > Digital pressure and temperature recorders
      > Deadweight verification

  • Line filling - Water management supply and disposal

  • Dewatering - Verification of water fill and recovery. 

  • Pigging

  • Drying


We employ or own policies for site safety as well as adopt additional safety requirement of our clients.

We hold tailgate safety meeting that include our qualifies staff and any other personnel that may be affected by our work.

Our skilled and trained field personnel and staff are Operator Qualified through Veriforce and Energy U.


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